William Henry Harrison Friend, son of Cornelius Ward Friend Book I


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  • Description

    William Henry Harrison Friend, Son of Cornelius Ward Friend, Book I
    Patrick T. Smith

    William Henry Harrison Friend was a soldier, farmer, civil engineer, husband and father. He was born in Belmont County, OH in 1840, the seventh child of Cornelius Ward Friend (1804 to 1884) and Sarah Kemp (1810 to 1887). William was the grandson of John Friend, Jr. and great grandson of John Friend, Sr. William’s family would move from Ohio to Western Maryland while he was a young man. He would serve in the Federal Army in Co. D, 3rd Regiment Potomac Home Brigade, Maryland Infantry and Co. B, 2nd Regiment Potomac Home Brigade, Maryland Infantry for over four years.

    William married several times and was the father of least eight children (William Henry Harrison “Harry” Friend, William Henry Harrison Friend, Jr., Walter Silas Friend, Cornelius Ward Friend, Blanche Valerie Friend, Percy Simms Friend, Theodore McKinley Friend and Floretta Friend).

    These books were formed with birth, marriage, death, and burial records, then expanded with information from the US Census, family bibles, books, land deeds, wills, estate records, photographs, personal histories, and military records. The first chapter has a brief review on the Friend Family starting with Nils Larsson Friend (Frande), a Swedish immigrant who came to the new world in 1648. The family history proceeds through the generations, ending with William’s father (Cornelius Ward Friend). The second chapter features information on William Henry Harrison Friend, his wives, Civil War records, personal stories and land deeds. The remainder of Book I presents, what I believe, William’s oldest child (William Henry Harrison “Harry” Friend) and his descendants. A child is featured in one book will be briefly outlined in the corresponding books.

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