William Edmundson Friend of Friendsville, MD


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  • Description

    William Edmundson Friend of Friendsville, MD (The Gun Maker)
    Patty (Friend) Thompson
    Patrick T. Smith

    William Edmundson Friend was the fourth son of Joseph Friend and Sarah Green as well as a grandson of John Friend Sr. (1728 to aft. 1808). William Edmundson Friend married Susanna (Susannah) Nusz in 1831 and together they raised nine children in the Friendsville, MD area.  William would become a master gun maker and blacksmith. Several of William’s sons would follow in his footsteps. This book is the promised continuation of Patty (Friend) Thompson’s “John Friend Sr. of Friendsville, MD”.  This reference book is comprised of over 416 pages, fully indexed and presented in an outline format. Additions or corrections are welcomed and the authors can be contacted through the Friend Family Association of America (FFAA) at Friendsville, MD or by e-mail through the FFAA web-site (www.friendfamilyassociation.com).  The initial cost of printing the book has been donated to the FFAA.   Proceeds from the initial copies and reprints produced by the FFAA book will go to the FFAA (a non-profit organization).  All book sales are tax deductible. Each book in the initial offering will be signed by the author.

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