Stephen Willis Friend (Sr.) of Sang Run, MD Book III (Download)


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    Stephen Willis Friend (Sr.) of Sang Run, MD, Book III
    Patrick T. Smith

    Stephen Willis Friend (Sr.) was a man of moral courage. Deeds, rather than words, define his legacy. Stephen risked his very freedom to become a “conductor” on the underground railroad, helping escaped slaves to the North and a better life. Stephen Willis Friend (Sr.) was my 4x great uncle and the son of John Friend, Jr. and Elizabeth Ward. Stephen was described as “straight as a pin. Tall, slender, dark eyes, hair and complexion. He was kind and honest and his word was as good as his note.” I have attempted in two books to build a history of Stephen Willis Friend (Sr.), his family and descendant through birth, death and marriage records. . The information of Stephen Willis Friend (Sr.), as well as, an outline of the Friend Family from Nils Larsson Friend (Frande) to John Friend Jr. will be presented in all books. Stephen’s children have been separated into the three books with Alice Friend, Ellis S. Friend, John H. Friend, David Harrison Friend, Mary Abigail Friend, Mathias Friend and their descendants presented in the first book. Stephen Willis Friend (Jr.) can be found in Book II, while Malinda Friend and Elisha Ellsworth Friend and their families will comprise the bulk of Book III. If a child is featured in one book, they will be briefly outlined in the other. This book contains 282 pages, fully indexed and is presented in an outline format. Proceeds from the sales of the books published by the FFAA will go to the FFAA (a non-profit organization). All book sales are tax deductible and final.

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