Sarah Friend, James Canter and Their Descendants of Mason/Jackson Counties, WV


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  • Description

    Sarah Friend, James Canter and Their Descendants of Mason/ Jackson Counties, WV
    Patrick T. Smith
    Patty (Friend) Thompson
    Sarah Friend and James Canter lived in the Western part of Virginia near the Ohio River from 1800 to 1850. This area would eventually become the Mason and Jackson Counties of WV. Sarah and James first came to our attention when researching Andrew Friend and His Family: The Earliest Pioneers of the Potomac River, 2nd Edition (2013). We have found no physical description of the couple, nor any letters, deeds, legal papers or final resting place. We believe Sarah and James were the parents of at least six children (Jonas, Thomas, Friend, George Washington, Levina and Lewis), although we do not discount there might have been more children. Starting with this limited information, Sarah and James were to become the initial focal point of this book. Our research would reveal a huge extended family that started with their children which was expanded through innumerable descendants. Although their origins were humble, this family would be linked to the American Civil War, with all five sons serving in the Union Army. Although tested with war, they would survive and evolve as a family over the next hundred and fifty years. The information in this book was been gathered from multiple resources through the Internet. This book has several goals, which was to gather, sort and preserve information about Sarah Friend, James Canter and their extended family before it is lost to time.This book is comprised of over 460 pages, fully indexed and presented in an outline format. Proceeds from the sales of the books published by the FF AA will go to the FFAA (a non-profit organization). All book sales are tax deductible and final.

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