Sang Run State Park Digital Collection, Book II (The Day Book of Elijah Friend’s Store)


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  • Description

    Sang Run State Park Digital Collection, Book II
    The Day Book of Elijah Friend’s Store (1839-1846)
    Patrick T. Smith

    The Sang Run State Park rests in one of the most picturesque valleys of Western Maryland. The park is comprised of eighty-one-acre plot known as Friend’s Delight. The original 256-acre tract rests on both sides of the Youghiogheny River and was first surveyed by Paul Hoye in 1774. The State of Maryland took possession of the homestead, farm and store in 2002 and designated the remaining eighty-one acres of
    Friend’s Delight was as a the Sang Run State Park in 2017.

    This second book is comprised of The Day Book of Elijah Friend’s Store (1839-1846). Elijah, the son of John Friend, Jr., setup a store across the road from the current visitor center. While the store and Elijah Friend property is not part of the state park, the store ledger is in the park’s collection. Elijah’s log-style store building served as a post office for Sang Run, with this ledger focusing on 1840 to 1841. Elijah died in a barn raising accident in 1869 and the original store burnt down shortly afterwards. Elijah’s sons, Richard Friend (Dick) and Salmon P. Chase Friend (Chase), would rebuild the store and continue as Sang Run’s postmasters. Florence (Kimmell) Hoye, who was raised Dick and Chase, became the postmaster after their deaths. This day book contains a brief look back into life if Sang Run, MD back in in the 1840’s.

    This book contains 178 pages, is fully indexed and presented form start to finish of the day book of Elijah Friend’s store. Proceeds from the sales of the books (which are published by the FFAA) will go to the FFAA (a non-profit organization). All book sales are tax deductible and final.

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