Mary Davisson Friend, William D. Arthur (Arters) and Their Descendants of Webster County, WV (Book II) (Download)


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    Mary Davisson Friend, William D. Arthur (Arters) and Their Descendants of Webster County, WV, Book II
    Patrick T. Smith

    Mary Davisson Friend was the only daughter of Capt. Joseph Friend, granddaughter of Jonas Friend, great granddaughter of Andrew Friend, great, great granddaughter of Nils Larsson Friend.

    Warren Skidmore wrote: “In 1791 he was with General St. Clair at his defeat at the hands of the Miami Indians, and was present again on a happier occasion (so far as the white settlers were concerned) at the Battle of Fallen Timbers. here in August 1794, along the Maumee River near Toledo, Ohio, an army commanded by General Anthony Wayne (in a battle lasting only 40 minutes) dealt 2000 Indian warriors a crushing defeat from which they never recovered. Joseph Friend was on this occasion appointed by General Wayne as the Captain of the Spy Company. It was his last battle, for while he often faced the foe, and stood amidst the danger of Many hard fought battles, yet he never received a Scar or a wound from a ball, a sword, or a tomahawk, but had the Misfortune while acting as Captain of the Spies under the command of Gen. Wayne to break the rim of his belly. “

    Mary “Polly” Davisson Friend and William D. Arthur (Arters), the only daughter of Capt. Joseph Friend and a granddaughter of Jonas Friend, lived and died in western Virginia in the early part of the nineteenth century. They founded the town of Fork Lick (renamed Webster Springs, then Addison) in what was to become Webster Co., WV. All but a few amateur genealogists have forgot these early West Virginia pioneers, yet the deeds and actions of their children and countless descendants would influence millions. Mary and her family will be featured in four books, due to the enormous volume (over 2500 pages) of information. The children will be presented from the oldest to youngest in this series. Mary’s first three children, Friend Davisson Arthur, William Randolph Arthur and Elizabeth Catherine Arthur will be featured in Book I. Her next two children, Wilson Arthur and John Warwick Arthur will be featured in Book II. Mary’s next two children, Nathaniel C. Arthur and James (Anderson) Arthur will be featured in Book III. Her last three children, Richard Anderson Arthur, Mary Arthur and Sarah A. Arthur will be featured in Book IV. Although the children are featured in one book of the series, they will be briefly outlined in all the corresponding books. The information on Mary Davisson Friend, as well as, an outline of her lineage back to Nils Larson Friend (Frande) will be presented in all the books. Nils was the first Friend to immigrate to the New World from Sweden in 1642. Proceeds from the sales of these books will go to the FFAA (a non-profit organization). All book sales are tax deductible. Each book in the initial offering will be signed by the author.

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