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    Karrenhappuck Friend and John Robinson Savage, Jr.
    Sang Run, MD
    Book II
    Patrick T. Smith

    Karrenhappuck (Kerrenhappuck) Friend was the daughter of John Friend, Jr. and Elizabeth Ward. Karrenhappuck (Karren or Kerren) was the 3x great granddaughter of Nils Larsson Friend (Frande), a Swedish immigrant who came to the New World in 1648. Karren was born in the Western MD in 1802 and named after her paternal grandmother (Karrenhappuck (Hyatt) Friend). Her grandfather, John Friend Sr., was the patriarch of the Friend family of Garrett Co., MD. Karren married John Robinson Savage, Jr. and had a family of at least seven children. Both were born in Sang Run, MD, but would move to Sand Spring to the West of Friendsville, MD. Karren, John, their children and extended families would live in this area to the East of Friendsville, MD for over a hundred years.

    Karrenhappuck Friend and John Robinson Savage of Sang Run, MD was published in 2017. I was under no illusions that I had presented a complete history of Karren’s family. This book detailed the lives of Karren, John and their last five known children (Eliza E. Savage, Ur Thomas Savage, Elizabeth Jane Savage, Savilla M. Savage, Mary Savage). Shortly after publishing that book, I was contacted by Tammy Jeanne (Moyers) Livengood, the 2x great granddaughter of Lavina Susan Savage/ Ringer. Tammy and her cousin Frank Lambert have put together a compelling genealogical history on this family. Their research sorted out the confusing and contradictory accounts of both Lydia Ann Savage and Lavina Susan Savage, Karren’s first two daughters. Their work provided valuable information on Karren and John and allowed me to fill in the omitted fragments of this family’s story. This research was to generate the heart of this book: Karrenhappuck Friend and John Robinson Savage of Sang Run, MD, Book II.

    Their information provided the basis for a second book on Karren’s daughter,

    Lavina Susan Savage, daughter of Karrenhappuck Friend of Garrett Co., MD, which shall be published shortly.

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