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    Indian Blood
    Evelyn Guard Olsen 

    It has been fifty years since Indian Blood was published by Evelyn Guard Olsen. It was the most comprehensive history on the Friend Family published to date. While her work was based on the best information at the time, it unfortunately included a key misinterpretation in the early Friend family origins, which is now known as the myth of the English Sea Captain. Years after Indian Blood was published, it was determined that Nils (Neals) Larsson (Learson) Friend (Frande), the patriarch of this part of the Friend Family, was not English, but rather, a Swedish immigrant, who arrived in the the New World in 1642, married Anna Andersdotter Andersson and had at least ten children. Mrs. Olsen worked for years to correct this unintentional mistake with personal correspondence and publications.

    Indian Blood was first published in 1967 and contained just over 250 pages. This 2nd printing (in 2014) of Indian Blood contains 304 pages, with an additional short Introduction and full index at the end. Proceeds from the sales of the book, published by the FFAA, will go to the FFAA (a non-profit organization).

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