Elizabeth Friend & William Lawrence and Their Descendants Of Randolph County, VA (WV) Part 1 (Download)


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  • Description

    Elizabeth Friend & William Lawrence
    Their Descendants
     Randolph County, VA (WV)
    (Part 1)

    Featuring children

    Rhutey Rua (Ruhama) Lawrence
    Felicia Lawrence
    Martha Patsy Lawrence
    Rebecca Lawrence
    Sarah “Sally” Lawrence
    Jacob Lawrence


    Elizabeth Friend, daughter of Jacob Friend, granddaughter of Israel Friend, great granddaughter of Andrew Friend and great, great granddaughter of Nils Larsson Friend, was born near Franklin, Virginia (now West Virginia).

    In 1791 Elizabeth married William Lawrence and to this union were born ten known children.

    Elizabeth’s children Mary Catherine “Polly”, Thomas, James Jonas and Margaret are detailed in Elizabeth Friend & William Lawrence and Their Descendants of Randolph County, VA (WV) Part 1.

    Elizabeth’s younger children Rhutey Rua, Felicia, Martha Patsy, Sarah “Sally” and Jacob Lawrence are detailed in this book (Part 2).

    This book is a 497 page documented record presented by the author in an effort to preserve the life of Elizabeth Friend. Since no personal diaries or documented stories written by Elizabeth herself, her life record and those of her descendants are represented in the form of US Census records, transcribed deeds, wills, photographs, obituaries, newspaper articles, military documents, birth, marriage and death records in an effort to record his family’s history before it is lost to time.

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