Elijah Friend of Sang Run, MD Book II (2nd Edition) (Download)


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  • Description

    Elijah Friend of Sang Run, MD Book 2
    (2nd Edition)
    Patrick T. Smith


    Elijah Friend was born in Sang Run, MD in 1814. Elijah was the son of John Friend, Jr. (1764 to 1849) and Elizabeth Ward (1778 to 1845) and grandson of John Friend, Sr. (1728 to Aft 1808) patriarch of the family that established of Friendsville, MD. He married Elizabeth Smith shortly before 1840 and they raised a family of at least nine children (Joseph Harrison Friend, John Frederick Friend, Sr., David Hoye Friend, Elijah Friend of E., W.S. Friend, Richard Friend, Zadok Friend, Alfred C. Friend, Emma Jane Friend and Salmon P. Chase Friend). Elijah was a store owner, farmer and healer. These books were formed with birth, marriage, death and burial records, then expanded with material from the US Census, family bibles, books, land deeds, wills, estate records, photographs, personal histories and military accounts. The first book on Elijah and his family was published in 2007 and comprised just over five hundred pages. This 2nd edition was compiled over a two-year and has expanded over tenfold. The first chapter of each book has a brief review on the Friend Family starting with Nils Larsson Friend (Frande), a Swedish immigrant who came to the new world in 1648. This history proceeds father to son, ending at Elijah’s father John Friend, Jr. The second chapter features information on Elijah Friend and his wife, Elizabeth Smith. The following chapters chronicled their known children from the oldest to the youngest. Book II presents the families of the remaining children (Alfred C. Friend and Salmon P. Chase Friend). Emma Jane Friend, the eighth known child, and her descendants are presented in a separate series. A child is featured in one book will be briefly outlined in the corresponding books.

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