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    David Harrison Friend
    (Son of John Friend, Jr.)
    Patrick T. Smith

    David Harrison (Harry) Friend was the youngest child of John Friend, Jr. and Elizabeth Ward. He lived and died in Western MD on a plot of ground known as Friend’s Delight. David was a farmer, hunter, land speculator, store owner, back wood’s scholar, Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, County Commissioner, Chief Judge of the Garrett County Orphan’s Court and would established one of the first general stores in Sang Run This same building now serves as the visitor’s center at MD Sang Run State Park. David was one of the first known genealogist who attempted to document the history of Friend the family. He would marry Mary Ann Riley in 1855 and had a family of seven children. Four would (Elvira Friend, Homer Roswell Friend, Ivah Josephine Friend and Daniel Arthur Friend) perished at a young age, while the remaining three children (Letitia Alice Friend, Minnie May Friend and John Alvin Friend) would marry and raise families of their own. The histories in this book were formed with birth, marriage, death and burial records. These stories were expanded with information from the US Census, family bibles, books, land deeds, wills, estate records, photographs, personal histories and military accounts.

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