Collection of Obituaries


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    Collection of Obituaries
    Patty (Friend) Thompson

    Over one hundred years ago, David Harrison Friend, grandson of John Friend, Sr., advised the future generations to document the history of our families and ancestors so that the necessary information needed to trace their family’s roots would be preserved.  It seems that sooner or later there comes a time in most everyone’s life when they wish to know more about their ancestors; where they lived, what was their occupation, etc.

    This collection of obituaries is my effort to leave behind the history of the persons herein named. I realize that this is a small offering and there are still thousands of obituaries still to be recorded. This book is the first step in providing people, far and near, access to obituaries found in the Friend Family Association of America’s library and in the personal library of the author.

    The Collection of Obituaries, by Patty (Friend) Thompson contains over 650 obituaries and has been indexed with the name of the deceased; spouse; and parents when named.

    The initial cost of printing the book has been donated to the FFAA.  Proceeds from the initial copies and reprints produced by the FFAA will go to the FFAA.  (a non-profit organization).  All book sales are tax deductible. Each book in the initial offering will be signed by the author.

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