The Friendship News

The Friendship News is the official publication of the Friend Family Association of America, which is published four times a year.

This year we have also been publishing a digital version of our newsletter which contains a great deal more information than does our traditional newsletter. is eight (8) pages long and is not printed in color. It is the cost of printing and postage that has kept the newsletter at eight pages and printed in black and white. The email version does not have those financial restrictions.

For members that prefer the printed copy, we will continue to print the eight page newsletter for delivery to your address if you prefer that, but members who chose to receive their newsletter through e-mail will be receiving an expanded version of our newsletter including historical documents and other tools for your research.
An e-mail copy of our new email newsletter will allow members to have a color copy, there will be no waiting for postal deliveries, no accidental damage to the newsletter, the internet links work by clicking on them, and saves the FFAA the expense of printing and postage.

The financial savings will allow the Friend Family Association of America to expand its resources in research and operations.

Below is both the digital (left) and print (right) version of the May 2012 newsletter. The printed copy here is in color, but it is printed in black and white.

To compare the difference between the digital version and the print version, click on link below either image and the full newsletter will open in Adobe PDF format.